Tuesday, 22 March 2011

how we would advertise it

bus's,bus stops,billboards,magazines,newspapers,television, online adverts
this gives us a massive variety of places to get our film shown, more places more chance of people going to see the film.

how we'd advertise the product

billboards,bus adverts,Television,Posters, bus stop adverts,magazines,local newspaper,online adverts

if we could go back

if we could go back i would get a decent actor to play the male role instead of using myself.
organise the music slightly better so if i ask musicians to help they can do so quickly and efficiently and to have more time to remaster the music to make it perfect with the film.

what we have to improve

title size should be slightly smaller.
Music should have been less upbeat.
editing needs a bit more work in some places,too quick or too long between cuts

Thursday, 17 March 2011


The last few lessons we have managed to get all the editing done, the title on with there effects we have also got the music we need in sync with the footage. We also designed a product logo to go at the start of our opening.